Employment Practices Liability Insurance

As an attorney, you’re always working to protect the best interests of your clients. But what are you doing to protect your firm? While a lawyers’ professional liability policy can protect your practice from malpractice claims and other damages, it does not protect you against potential lawsuits from employees.

Lawyers Insurance Services offers Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to your law firm, no matter how big or small. Your firm will be covered in the event a current, former, or prospective employee files an employment-related discrimination claim, including those dealing with issues of race, color, creed, national origin, military service, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or disability.

EPLI policies can help to protect your practice from legal costs and damages from:

·  Wrongful dismissal claims
·  Claims of age, race, or gender discrimination
·  Denial of promotion lawsuits
·  Sexual harassment charges
·  and more

EPLI policies have grown in importance over the years. As unemployment rates rise, so has the rate at which claims against employers are filed. No matter how many employees are working for your firm, you need to be protected from the damages a potential employment-related claim can bring. Without the right policy in place, your firm is vulnerable for up to millions of dollars in losses.

EPLI will only provide coverage for claims made during your current coverage period. If your practice or firm does not have an EPLI policy in place, or you have questions about your existing policy, be sure to contact Lawyers Insurance Services. Our professional liability insurance specialists will ensure you have the coverage you need to be best protected against employee claims.